Why Higher level is better than Ordinary level


It determines your future.

Although it is arguable due to certain circumstances, it does, however, hold some true to it. Having your subjects on Higher level does sets your career on a clearer path and a solid foundation. It opens up doors for you, in other words you will be able to choose at which University you want to go, rather than limit yourself.

It expanses your choices

I came from Hermann Gmeiner; we did not have any subjects offered at Higher Level at the time, and that was one of the reasons why my teachers suggested I leave. At Tripple S (SSS, Swakopmund Secondary School), I choose five higher level subjects, however computer was later announced that it will not be tough on higher level, and the last was Afrikaans. During the first few months of choosing I saw how some students dread higher level classes. Some of them were peacefully content with Core; since they did not have to work hard, and the work was so easy. Over the months it became apparent that they chose the path of their career, which was one that was very limited in choses. Life is about choices and most importantly being able to make such choices. If you lose that power, you will be given what is available.

It makes you “clever” and “hardworking”

Taking English on higher level or any higher level subjects of that matter, It takes you to another level of perception. Automatically when people hear that you have or had higher level subjects they assume that you are smart or hardworking, which positively boosts your credentials immensely and express your character without even having to say a word.

It opens up doors for you

Before taking subjects on higher level I had done research on what South African Universities needed. Most university are more prone to take students who had higher level subjects. Even in job interviews, when they bring up your grade 12 certificate, if you mention that you had higher level subjects you are given more preferences (assuming you are in the category of the ones who have met all the requirements).

It prepares you for university level

I came from Hermann Gmeiner; You are exposed to more work load in comparison to Ordinary level that builds up your university stamina. You are prepared to write long essays; that will make it seem like a piece of cake to write university essays, research papers and dissertations or thesis. For instances in our case we wrote at least 5 essays per week each equating to three pages. Coming from grade ten, that was a lot, but by the second week we were used to it. We actually ended up enjoying it.

It prepares you for university practices

I came from Hermann Gmeiner; Most the time in English higher level, when you make statements based on the book, you are normally required to quote it. When I got to university, they referred to the practice as academic referencing, and quotes are one of the aspects dealt with. Therefore, it does not appear too foreign.